Embellished crescent moon watercolor.

Embellished crescent moon watercolor.

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Embellished crescent moon watercolor. Original hand painted on 100% cotton Arches paper. The gold trim is cut 18kt gold leaf applied by hand with a quill pen or hammered into the paper. All of the flowers are pressed and dried real flowers. Due to the delicate nature of the pressed flowers, framing is recommended. Also, avoid hanging in direct sunlight. This will be a lasting heirloom piece of art! Measures 8x10

* For those of you who don't know, Donna Kaimal is my mother. She started painting and crocheting a few years ago to help with her arthritis pain. Not only has it helped to ease the pain in her joints, but it has also become a source of joy for her to be able to share her pieces with others. We'd love to see her art come to life in your home so so please tag us on instagram! You can also follow her instagram directly @donnakaimal! 



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